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:: What If I Can't Make My Payments? ::

If you can't make your student loan payment, contact your loan servicer immediately to find out about your options. One of the first steps in managing your loan is to know your options, which can include:

Different Repayment Schedules - There are several repayment options that offer loan repayment flexibility.

Deferment - You may have a right to temporarily postpone part or all of your loan payments. To have your loan deferred, you must provide your loan servicer with a deferment request and evidence that verifies your eligibility. Deferments may be available if you go back to school, are unemployed, are disabled or face economic hardship.

Forbearance - If you're experiencing financial difficulty and you aren't eligible for a deferment, your loan servicer may grant you a forbearance, which will temporarily postpone your repayment on your principal balance. However, interest payments are still your responsibility. Forbearance is granted at the loan servicer's discretion.

We are dedicated to helping you manage your student loan debt and can work with you to develop a successful repayment plan.

You can reach ECMC at 800.298.9490 to discuss your situation.